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Filament Polyester Geotextile

OSO Filament Polyester non-woven geotextile is produced from polyester long fiber forming into net and consolidation with three dimension structure. It is kind of new material in geotechnical and engineering project.
Beside its good mechanical properties of tensile strength and puncture resistance, it also has good drainage ability, acid and alkali resistance and anti aging. The wider opening size allows it to have good permeability and filtration.

Mass per square meterg/m2100150200250300350400450500600800
Weight Variation%-6-66-5-5-5-5-5-4-4-4
Width Variation%-0.5
Breaking StrengthkN/m4.57.510.512.51517.520.522.5253040
Elongation at Break%40 ~ 80
CBR Mullen Burst StrengthkN/m0.
Sieve Size 090mm0.07 ~ 0.2
Vertical Permeability Coefficientcm/s(1.0-9.9)× (0.1 ~ 0.001)
Tear StrengthkN/m0.