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Geosynthetic Clay Liners

OSO Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), also named bentonite mats , are reinforced geocomposites which consist of a layer of sodium bentonite granule affixed by needle-punching to a woven geotextile and a nonwoven geotextile. The products are used as a liquid and gas barrier in a wide variety of civil, geotechnical, environmental and hydraulic applications.

Weight: 4600-6000g/m2; Width:3m- 7m

1. Canals, stormwater impoundments and wetlands
2. Secondary containment
3. Highway and civil
4. Landfill liners
5. Landfill caps
6. Mining
7. Ponds

PropertyASTM Test MethodReinforced GCLNon-Reinforced GCLTesting Frequency
GT-RelatedGT Polymer CoatedGM-GF RelatedGT Polymer CoatedGT Polymer CoatedGM-GF Related
Geotextiles (as received )
Cap fabric (nonwoven)-mass/unit area(g/m 2 ) (2)D5261200200200100100n/a/10020,000m 2
Cap fabric (woven)-mass/unit area (g/m 2 )D526110010010010010010020,000m 2
Carrier fabric (nonwoven composite)-mass/unit area (g/m 2 )D5261240240240100100n/a/10020,000m 2
Carrier fabric (woven)-mass/unit area (g/m 2 )D5261100100100­­­20,000m 2
Coating-mass/unit area (g/m 2 ) (3)D5261n/a100n/an/a100n/a4,000m 2
Geomembrane/Geofilm ( as received )
Thickness (4) (mm)D5199 D5994n/an/a0.40/0.50/0.10n/an/a0.40/0.75/0.1020,000m 2
Density (g/cc)D1505 D792n/an/a0.92n/an/a0.9220,000m 2
Break tensile strength,MD&XMD(kN/m)D6693n/an/an/an/an/a620,000m 2
Break tensile strength ,MD(kN/m)D882n/an/a2.5n/an/a2.520,000m 2
GCL (as manufactured)
Mass of GCL (g/m 2 ) (5)D59934000405041004000405041004,000m 2
Mass of bentonite (g/m 2 ) (5)D59933700370037003700370037004,000m 2
Moisture content (1) (%)D59933535353535354,000m 2
Tensile str.,MD (kN/m)D676844444420,000m 2
Peel strength (N/m)D6496360360360n/an/an/a4,000m 2
Permeability (1) (m/sec),"or"D58875×10 -11n/an/a5×10 -11n/an/a25,000m 2
Flux (1) (m 3 /sec-m 2 )D58871×10 -8n/an/a1×10 -8n/an/a25,000m 2
GCL permeability (1),(6) (m/sec)( 35kPa)D67661×10 -8n/an/a1×10 -8n/an/ayearly
GCL permeability (1),(6) (m/sec)( 500kPa)D6766mod5×10 -10n/an/a5×10 -10n/an/ayearly
Component Durability
Geotextile and reinforcing yarns(7)(%strength retained)See §5.6.26565n/a6565n/ayearly
GeomembraneSee §5.6.3n/an/aGM Spec (8)n/an/aGM Spec (8)yearly
Geofilm/polymer treated(7)(%strength retained)See §5.6.4n/a8585n/a8580yearly