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HDPE Smooth Geomembranes

OSO HDPE smooth geomembranes are the preferred products for lining projects requiring low permeability,
exceptional chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties, which makes them extremely cost-effective for many applications

Mechanical PropertiesThicknessmm0.7511.523D5199per roll
Densityg/cc0.94D1505/D79290,000 kg
Tensile PropertiesD 6693 Type IV9,000 kg
Yield strengthkN/m1115222944
Break strengthkN/m2027405380
Yield elongation%1212121212
Break elongation%700700700700700
Tear ResistanceN93125187249374D 100420,000 kg
Puncture ResistanceN240320480640960D 4833
Stress Crack Resistancehr.300 hr.D 5397per GRI GM-10
Carbon Black Content%2.0-3.0%D 42189,000 kg
Reference PropertiedOxidative Induction Time (a) Standard OIT (b) High Pressure OITmin100 min. 400 min.D 3895 D 588590,000 kg
Oven Aging at 85°C retained after 90 days (a) Standard OIT (b) High Pressure OIT%55% 80% D 5721 D 3895 D 5885per formulation
UV Resistance High Pressure OIT - % retained after 1600 hrs%0.5D 5885
Roll SizeRoll Widthm77777
Roll Lengthm28021014010570
Size stability%0.02