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Warp-knitting Geogrid

OSO warp knitting geogrid is specifically designed for improved tensile reinforcement capacity in two principle directions. Our warp knitting polyester geogrid is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable and biologically unaffected by soil micro-organisms. It is used for both harsh construction installation phase and in soil reinforcement application where strength develops uni-axially which can provide further chemical, mechanical and ultraviolet protection.

OPEG20-20 OPEG30-30 OPEG40-40 OPEG50-50 OPEG80-80 OPEG100-100 OPEG120-120

1. Road or railway road sub-grade reinforcement
2. Walls retaining
3. Harbor, lake or dam stabilization
4. Tunnels and mining construction
5. Erosion prevention
6. Parking lots reinforcement
7. Anti-snow barriers

Elongation (%)0.13
Intensity (kN/m)Longitudinal2030405080100120
Grid (mm)12.7*12.7 25.4*25.4
Breadth (m)1-6