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Steel-Plastc Composite Geogrid

OSO Steel-plastic composite geogrid is made of high-strength steel wire (or other fibers) special processing with polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and other additives, which are extruded to form a composite high-strength tensile strip with a roughly corrugated surface, is a high-strength reinforced geogrid.

OSSG30-30 OSSG40-40 OSSG50-50 OSSG60-60 OSSG80-80 OSSG100-100 OSSG150-150

It can be used in highway, railway, embankment, abutment, construction roadway, wharf, revetment, flood dike, dam, beach treatment, cargo yard, slag yard, airport, sports ground, environmental protection building, soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall, slope protection and pavement resistance.

Longitudinal Tensile Strength KN/m(LD)≥30≥40≥50≥60≥80≥100≥150
Horizontal Tensile Strength KN/m(TD)≥30≥40≥50≥60≥80≥100≥150
Elongation Rate%(LD TD)≤2
Tensile strength at 1% elongation KN/m(LD)≥20≥32≥40≥48≥63≥81≥125
Tensile strength at 1% elongation KN/m(TD)≥20≥32≥40≥48≥63≥81≥125
Limit peel force at welded bonded ponded point N≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100