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Fiberglass Geogrid

OSO Fiberglass Geogrid is a composite product meaning that the geogrid is bonded to a non-woven geotextile. It provides moisture proofing and water resistance benefits while creating a strong bond of the asphalt layers over the tack coat surface. This bond ensures that the reinforcing geogrid is in a position to effectively accept and distribute tensile stresses.

OSFG30-30 OSFG40-40 OSFG50-50 OSFG80-80 OSFG100-100 OSFG125-125 OSFG150-150

1. Airport runways, taxiways, roads, bridges, parking lots, jointed concrete highways to control reflective cracking.
2. High traffic pavement to control of rutting.
3. New highway construction, and other road maintenance/repair jobs to improve pavement life.

Size of mesh mm12.7*12.7~25.4*25.4
Tensile Strength KN/mLongitudinal≥30≥40≥50≥80≥100≥125≥150
Elongation Rate %≤4
Temperature Resistance ℃-100~280