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Composite Drainage Net

OSO Composite Geonet Drainage System consists of a layer of geonet bonded or wrapped between two layers of geotextile.

The core geonet is designed with a three dimensional structure, which provides excellent compressive creep resistance and a great flow capacity. Two porous and tough geotextiles serve separation and filtration functions, and also protect the geonet. The unique multi-layered design makes the product an efficient drainage and reinforcement system.


Drainage system for highways, railways, tunnels, underground structures, retaining walls, etc.

Roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, sand dune fixation, gabion groins

Gardens, sports fields, etc.

PropertyUnitOC50/D200OC63/D200OC70/D200OC80/D200Test Standard
Geocomposite specification
Hydraulic conductivity (MD)M 2 /s2.8×10 -33.2×10 -34.0×10 -35×10 -3ASTM D4716
Puncture ResistanceKN/m0. D7005
Core Material Geonet Specification
Thicknessmm6.3789ASTM D5199
Densityg/cm 30.940.940.940.94ASTM D1505
Carbon Black Content%2222ASTM D1603
Tensile strength (MD)KN/m8101214ASTM D7179
Hydraulic conductivity (MD)M 2 /sASTM D4716
Geotextile Specification
Unit weightg/m2200200200200200
Geotextile typeContinuous filament non-woven geotextile