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Popypropylene Woven Weed Control Fabrics

We provide PP/PE woven weed control fabrics. It works above ground as a heavy duty weed barrier, built to last for long term weed suppression. Having a good tear resistance[…]

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Advantages of Geomembrane in Fishpond Application

Last month, a friend invited me to the Farmhouse Resort for a comfortable holiday. Her family is a local aquaculture giant. My friend took me to visit the fish pond they built.[…]

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Highway deep-patch geogrid applications

Deep-patch repairing is a cost-effective technique that addresses settlement and shallow landsliding of side-cast embankment fill slopes and natural slopes with weak soils overlaying stronger soils. Deep patches are commonly used in the Pacific Northwest on low-volume roads and can slow the development and propagation of roadway displacements over relatively fast-moving landslides.

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